Refilling The Cribs

Firewood bundling has been put on hold for a couple of days. The wet weather pattern broke and we are now in for a cool and dry patch. These are perfect conditions for cutting, splitting and stacking the empty cribs full of split wood so they have time to cure and dry before selling as firewood.

Cribs being filled with firewood pieces.I can see the commercial vividly.

(Insert booming announcer voice here…)

Your future firewood coming to a store near you. Look for your bundles in 2019.

(Fade to black)


One thought on “Refilling The Cribs

  1. Add in a cozy fire with children reading books on the hearth rug with their dog. Or maybe for this high-end firewood crowd – a romantic fire with a loving couple cozied up on a couch with an expensive bottle of wine.

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