Can’t Say He Wasn’t Warned

A green weaner clip in the nose of a calf.I have been threatening for the last month to get rid of pesky #33 bull calf since his nightly (and now daily too) raids into the fenced off pasture by the barn. His time is now up.

The last of calf crop for this year has now had their green weaner clips installed and this included bull #33. The simple snap-on clip prevents the calves from nursing. This great invention keeps the herd calm while the calves are weaned right next to their mothers. The moms console the calves and the calves snuggle the moms, they just can’t get to the milk while the supply dries up.

In a few days, we will gather the seven calves with the weaner clips and bring them over to the show barn so they can learn to eat without their mothers nearby. I have the last of the apple crop waiting for them, an abundant supply of food will be available 24 hours a day with chopped apples, sweet hay and grain. The last batch we weaned never bellowed at all and really enjoyed the pampering. #33 will not miss his illicit pasture raids.

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