From Here To There The Hard Way

Out of the seven calves that were the final ones to be weaned from this years crop of calves, the four bulls have now been moved into the bull pen with all the other boys that had been weaned.

The four days that they had spent in close quarters in the show barn made them a little antsy. When we opened the gate and they stepped out into the grass pasture, a bit of giddiness erupted and they were on high alert. I walked behind them and tried soothing talk to keep them calm. They walked along the electric fence smoothly right up until they saw the open gate to the bull pen. Scuffling ensued and three burst through the opening while one skittered the wrong way along the left side fence.

It took several minutes before Wrong Way figured out his mistake and started to backtrack toward the open gate. By this time the three that had stampeded through the gate had sent the alarm out to the group of six bulls that were in the far pasture and backside of the bull barn. Those six came running out and a scrum of the new and old began brewing. Pushing and shoving commenced with grass tufts flying and cattle rough-housing. Wrong Way finally figured his way out of the other pasture to join in the fun.

We tried coaxing the newly formed mass into the bull barn so we could contain them to the feeding area and far pasture, but the group had a mind of its own by then and scrambled around us headed for the gate that we had just brought the new four through. Luckily we had closed the gate and secured the electric fence before moving toward the barn or we would have had the whole group in the show barn.

After another wild run from the gate to the back of the barn, the new mass of critters did shoot through the barn and down to the swamp. We were able to lock up the gates tight so the group can coalesce into a less frantic bunch and learn to get along with each other.

There are no pictures for this mini rodeo. Even if I could have gotten my camera out of my pocket, the running and scrambling would have been nothing more than a blur.

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