Low River

During this unprecedentedly dry November, the river is as low as what we usually see in September after a long summer.

We have been watching for the fall salmon that we can usually spot as they make their way to spawning sites, but when the river rose with the last rain it was too mucky to see anything. Then the rain stopped abruptly and the water level dropped dramatically. There had been reports that the salmon were showing up in good numbers at Fish Hawk Lake but farther upstream sightings have been few.  We have not seen any of the spent carcasses of the spawned-out salmon this year, and consequently the bald eagles have not been a patrolling force on clean up duty (the sure sign that salmon are in abundance).

The forecast is for several days of rain that is expected to bring much needed moisture in a wide swath across the western states from southern California and well up into Washington. We are hoping it is not too late to add to the river for the ocean fish to get to their spawning grounds.

One thought on “Low River

  1. And a good Happy Thanksgiving rain it was! Let’s hope for salmon swimming upstream and a stirring up of fossils, too, so we can happily splash around next summer.

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