The New Tire Curse

Dang Nabbit! A flat tire is not unusual by any means but I believe I suffer from The New Tire Curse. I do not know how or why, but there is something about me that draws the evil forces of the universe to me when it comes to tires on my car.

Now that I am no longer in the retail workforce and spend much less time on the road, the curse has been relatively quiet for a few years. That was until last month. I went to get into my car on a Monday morning after the rig had sat idle over the weekend and I had the low tire pressure warning light on the dash. A quick trip into my local tire center on the way into town and all four tires were low. The attendant stated that I should be checking my tires each month in Oregon because season changes can affect tire pressure. I have a lot of tasks to do each month, I had never heard that I should be checking my tires also, it had never been something I was aware of. The attendant filled the tires and I went on my way properly buoyant. But the next morning the low pressure light was on again. Something was amiss.

A trip into the tire center revealed that I had not one but two nails stuck in a low tire. A single nail would mean that they could patch the spot and I would be good to go. Two nails right next to each other means a new tire is needed. On a rig with all wheel/4 wheel drive it means all 4 new tires. I wasn’t too upset because I had gotten quite a few miles off the current set and it was getting to be winter weather season so new tires all around seemed appropriate.

Flat tire on a gray car.Since the new tires were installed, I have only driven a few times, I am positive that I have not driven very far because I have only filled the gas tank one time since the tire change. Doing the math means that I have driven less than a 1000 miles since the brand new tires. And yet, the passenger left side was flat when I came out of a meeting last night. With a quick refill at my brother’s house, I made it half-way home before the low pressure light came on. I was thankful as I pulled into the driveway because it was raining buckets with a driving wind and many power outages along the route.

For those of you who are counting, that is three nails in less than two months. Hoping that you don’t get the same curse…

One thought on “The New Tire Curse

  1. Let’s hope the “bad things come in threes” applies to you. That third tire should be the end – at least for this winter.

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