Thinking About The Garden

If I want to see any delicious tomatoes this summer, it is now time to start thinking about getting the seeds germinated. I go goofy over those cherry tomatoes, fresh from the plant, dried in the dehydrator, frozen on cookie sheets, mixed into pasta dishes and winter stews, I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Except for last year, I was over-exuberant with the number of plants. I had seeds germinating in several trays, kept giving away plants in 4 inch and later, gallon pots and still planted two rows of tomatoes in tires totaling more than two dozen plants.

Once they started producing, I could not give the tomatoes away fast enough. I hauled boxes and bags of the fruit with me to distribute when I went to town. I doled out lots of them and inundated the local Senior Center with still more. I flagged down the mail carrier, UPS and FedEx. I passed them to strangers that happened to stop at the farm when they wandered up the county road lost. I sent out an SOS to all neighbors. And still I could not keep up with the plants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to germinate and coax the seedlings along until I can plant them into the garden. You will see them set outside each day the temperature is  above 50 degrees and pulled inside before the sun dips on the horizon. I will nurture and downright beg the plants to grow healthy and strong as I transplant them from one inch seedlings, to plants in 4 inch pots, to gallon sized teenagers. I will water and trim and stake them up so they grow strong and abundant in their garden row.

I will however only germinate six seeds, make that eight (just in case I lose one or two)…OK maybe I’ll germinate a dozen but that is the limit. Unless I find a seed packet with exceptional larger sized sweet fruit. Or a new variety calls my name or the local nursery puts plants on sale.


One thought on “Thinking About The Garden

  1. I have an accordion file in which I keep my seed packets, both flower and vegetable. Under “T” for tomatoes, there is an index card that says “Twelve tomato plants is plenty.” That includes two cherry tomatoes and covers canning and freezing of the sauces and juices we love during the winter. My daughter-in-law, who takes care of the plants when we go traveling for a couple of weeks each September, thinks I should trim that number back a bit, but she doesn’t understand the possible risk of a “green tomato summer.”

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