Like Three Different Peas In A Pod

The three new calves are having a wonderful time getting to know their world and bonding with their mothers in the hay field turned nursery field.

Three babies and three mother angus in field.The babies are beginning to display personality traits. Christmas Carol (the smallest and oldest) loves to lag behind so she can run full tilt to catch up and run circles around the other babies and all the mothers. She has learned to twitch her tail and kick up her heels while getting warmed up for a run. (In this picture she is on the far right).

Bull calf eating hay.The calf closest  in the first picture is the second born is Bluff, he has decided that hay must be for eating and likes to stand on piles of hay to take a nibble or two during each feeding. One or two spears of hay is enough for his first meals and he spends hours chewing his cud with the small amount ingested.

In the far background of the first picture is the newest calf, Blaze with his mother. He has decided that the hay should be used as a bed and snuggled down in the first dropped flake of hay and is napping as his mother eats around him.

The three calves explore the fence lines and lounge together in the sunshine, they are good buddies. The mothers have still been hanging close to their new children and it is a good thing because we have been seeing the coyotes hanging around close to the nursery field. The mothers are the observant/dedicated moms and they are the best line of defense for the babies.


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