4 Inch Pots For Tomatoes

The second set of leaves have formed on the tomato seedlings so it was time to upgrade the size of the homes for these cuties.

seedling tomatoes in 4 inch black pots.The 4 inch pots are just barely able to fit into my single width trays. But the twelve plants still fit onto the ledge of the sunniest window of the house so all they need to survive at this point is water every other day and a good story from me (yes I talk to my seedlings, trees, cows, cats, dogs and the eagles as they soar overhead).

The next upgrade will mean moving the plants out of the house proper and out into the garage where they will be moved inside and outside as weather dictates. My little garden cart that I like to use has become the kindling cart for the last two months after retiring from the garden in the fall. I may need to get another cart…

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