Going Upstream Both Ways

Stories of old that told of the hardships that our fore-bearers had to endure came to mind when I watch the main herd of cows this day. Like having to walk to school in the bitter cold with holes in their shoes, thin cotton clothing made from flour sacks, and also the trek was uphill both to and from.

Herd of Black Angus crossing river.When the current is swift enough to move a 1000 lb cow downstream, it probably feels like it is swimming upstream both ways when crossing to and fro.

Cows are good swimmers and it does not seem to bother them when the water is this high, although they usually do not cross when the river is up. Most likely they crossed the night before after they had filled up with their evening meal and with the heavy rain during the night, the river rose significantly.

We did not have to call or push the cattle to re-cross the Nehalem. They saw us on the Gator loaded with their breakfast and they dove right in.

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