Wild Hazelnut Surprise

On the way up the hill the other day we noticed a wild hazelnut tree that had started to leaf out, a very early sign that spring is on the way. It seems to be a little early for the hardy native but it has been a very mild winter so far.

The hazelnut reminded me that I needed to check in on my vine maple to look for that plant to come out of dormancy for my phenology reporting.

Twigs of a dormant vine maple.The ribbon tied to a branch is confirmation that this is the tree and branch that I am monitoring for the study. The green of the cedar tree behind the vine maple is the only thing that looks like spring.

The red of the vine maple branches have been the same color all winter and the buds to not appear to be swelling yet.

The official questions with Nature’s Notebook are;

Breaking Leaf Buds


Increasing Leaf Size

Colored Leaves

Falling Leaves

Flowers or Flower Buds

Open Flowers


Ripe Fruits

Recent Fruit or Seed Drop


With our mild weather expected to continue, it shouldn’t be long before I will be spending more time with the vine maple to tally changes as they occur but I’m not going to get excited for a week or two.


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