Getting Wood In Before Weather Change

16 inch pieces of firewood cut from log deck.The weekend was spent out at the log deck in a rush to cut several Gator loads of 16 inch wood before the weather changed from the mid 40’s to the possibility of snow.

From the looks of the deck, one would think that it had already snowed. But this is only sawdust left from  the previous day of cutting.

The 16 inch pieces will be taken from the pile and hauled into the barn where I have my cool Super Splitter, the tabletop centrifugal wood splitter. Once into smaller pieces, the wood will be stacked into 1/2 cord cribs that have been emptied over the last month.

I fell behind on filling the cribs since we have been spending more time going uphill to transplant seedlings in the logged areas of the woods. We do not like to transplant trees with snow on the ground so I may be out by the log deck since light snow would not bother the cutting process.

2 thoughts on “Getting Wood In Before Weather Change

  1. It looks like in the next week (or more) the weather will freeze the ground making it impossible to plant seedlings, so you can keep yourself warm in the woodshed – forget a good book by the fire.

    • It just figures that we finally get some winter around here, our load of bareroot trees are scheduled to be here Feb. 8. Not sure when we will be able to begin planting. Good thing my schedule is not only flexible, it changes sometimes hour to hour.

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