At Days End

With the hills obscuring many sunsets here on the farm, I find that by looking north while everyone else is looking east, the most serene moments can be found.

Sunset over snow covered barn and trees.This evening was simply stunning with the snow covering the barn, trees and pastures. The clouds were giving away a couple of spots of blue sky between the rosy hues with slate punctuations from the setting sun. All was quiet as the farm was winding down after a busy, snowy day.

It’s times like these when the beauty of our world comes into focus and I feel that it is portraits such as this that gives us the opportunity to be thankful for what we have and remind us all that we have to strive to make the world better for us having the chance to be a part of it all. Not the least of these gifts that I am grateful for are friends that have been made and will make in the future, my readers are a huge part, I am fortunate and honored to share bits of the farm life with you.

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