Delayed Seedlings

The February snow delayed our conifer seedling delivery by about a week. The seedlings had been lifted (dug up) and packaged for delivery from the southwest Washington nursery on the scheduled day and was awaiting to be picked up near Rainier when the snow stopped schools and clogged rural roads. As it was, the steep driveway to the barn where the seedlings were stacked in designated lots, needed a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to the trees.

Bags of seedlings in bed of pickup.The bags of Douglas Fir are packed 120 seedlings to a bag and the Western Red Cedar are packed 100 to a bag. We had ordered the 1040 seedlings last June for this planting.

The bags that they are in are lined so that they are water and wind proof. The plants are dormant so being tucked in the bags protects them as they are trucked and backpacked to the planting site.

The green seedlings in the back of the truck were picked up on the way back to the farm after picking up the bags. They are planted in pots and are for the conservation planting along the riparian area.

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