A Few Here And A Few There

The snow is still hanging around, the temperature hovering at the freezing level does little to thaw the white blanket.

Slowly we are attempting to put in a few trees so that we are not rushed once the weather does break. The trek up the hill is very slippery with the top surface saturated and any footsteps from before that disturbed the wet soil oozes as boots connect. Walking sticks are more than helpful, they are a necessity.

Seedlings planted in snow.Each tree spot requires that the snow be removed before the hole for the seedlings can be dug with only dirt tamped back into the hole around the tender roots.

This small open patch of ground is now planted. With three of us, we were able to get this area planted in about 3 hours because we already had the trees packed to this spot. It would have taken much more labor, time and patience if we had not taken the day to bring the supplies into the site.

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