Let Me In

The weather has not been cooperating to be able to get the seedlings planted on the hill so we have been keeping busy with other projects around the farm. Snow and frozen ground have that job on hold while orders for firewood have skyrocketed.

Remember the commercial where the excited early shopper pressed her face and hands against the front door while chanting “open, open, open”? I’m not sure what the ad was about or what it was trying to entice me to buy,  but I remember the shopper clearly.

Black Angus cows and calves at barn gate.It was deja vu back to that commercial on a recent morning when I had a chance to sneak out to the barn across the river. I had wanted to spend an hour splitting firewood from the stack in the barn before morning chores, in the attempt to fill another crib in the firewood production project. The cows and calves in the nursery field noticed the activity and came over to the gate hoping that I would feed them early.

Instead of “open, open, open” there was a lot of scuffling, mooing and general fussing about the gate in attempts to get inside to the summer harvest of hay storage. This was not even the gate they use to gain access to the manger for meals. Needless to say, I didn’t get a whole hour of splitting accomplished. I guided the unruly crowd around to the barnyard side where they could get in out of the weather and get to the meal that they were so impatient about.

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