#41 And Rudy

Cow #41, Ruby, was noticed hanging by the gate to the nursery field all by herself when we crossed the bridge for the evening chores. She was in labor and wanted to get away from the main herd before she calved.

We let her in the gate then fed the other cow/calf pairs in the nursery field. We saved about a third of the bale and dropped it near #41 and she started eating, the girl does know it is important to keep her strength up while preparing for delivery.

We finished the chores across the river by feeding the main herd, then took care of the bulls in the bull pen, Quiet and her calf in the show barn, and the two cows with three heifers that are with the herd sire in the other half of the show barn.

By the time Mike got back across the river to check on Ruby, she had already finished her dinner, had her baby and had him all licked off and trying to stand up.

Cow and calf in a snowy field.Welcome to the farm Rudy, born 2/25/2019 weighing in at 72 lbs. sired by Prowler.

The dusting of snow during the night covered the ground but the bright sunrise lit up the trees along the fence row.


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