Fluffing The Wood Pile

This weather has once again stymied our attempts to complete the tree planting on the hill. The ground is frozen solid with the temperature dropping into the 20’s at night. We have become creative when it comes to finding tasks to do while we wait for a weather change.

Between the daily morning and evening feedings, Mike likes to take the tractor to do lots of different tasks in an effort to learn by doing. He is determined to figure out what all the new buttons and gadgets do, it seems that most of the time it is simple trial and error.

A green tractor repositioning logs in the pile.Today he was fluffing the wood pile.

Now I am not sure why this was a relelant task, or why it had to be done, but Mike was sure that the pile needed a good mix-up. (As a disclaimer, just let me say that there probably is a good reason, I just can’t figure out what it is.)

With the loader tractor armed with pallet forks, he headed out to the wood pile. He pushed, flipped, tossed and fluffed the logs that had been perfectly in-line with my cutting techniques to another version of being in-line (THAT picture will not be included).

I watched from a great distance because I know that sometimes a man with his tractor just need a little space. Eventually he finished his task and I was able to get back to cutting firewood.


5 thoughts on “Fluffing The Wood Pile

  1. Reasons:
    -Because he could.
    -Stir up all the critters who may have gotten comfortable in there.
    -Dry the undersides of the logs.

    It did look like fun, from a distance.

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