The Wicked Witch Is Dead

If the walk down off the hill wasn’t so treacherous with melting snow and slick mud, I would have been singing the old show tune at the top of my voice.

The project of seedling planted had been expected to take a very busy two weeks to complete. Nature stepped in and thwarted us at every attempt. There was at times too much snow or way too frozen to dig in the ground. Just when the weather looked like it would cooperate another weather front would roll in and it would be several days before another attempt could be made. The whole project became a weighty problem and we were all antsy to get it completed before the seedlings came out of dormancy or the ground became too dry. The short project stretched from two weeks to two months .

Area set for planting seedlings.There is still snow in the areas where we still needed to plant, but the sun was shining even though we were still bundled up like Eskimos.

This final day of planting was so  bright it hurt to look at the hole we were digging but knowing that we were so close to being done we vowed to keep at it until the end.

Man panting seedlins in the snow.It was obvious to see the areas that needed seedlings because of the snow cover. The spots that were devoid of the white blanket already had the canopy of taller trees protecting the ground. The seedlings needed to have open sky above them so we only planted where the snow remained thick on the ground.

Snowy logging trail with black and white dog.The skid road (and walking trail) was still thick with snow and we looked for animal tracks  as we walked.

Getting down off the hill while packing our shovels, empty seedling bags and all the various equipment we used was a slippery and slow trek. But once we got to the bottom of the hill, the singing commenced. ‘Ding, Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead…’


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