Plop On Top

Barns are messy places, especially where the cows stand. They drag the mess in on their big feet and add much more volume after that. What is left after they leave the barn is called muck, I believe it stands for mud + yuck. Anyway, the cows deposit a lot of muck while they stand around eating their meals and it has to be cleaned out every so often. With our winter coming in February and March this year, we fell behind with the barn cleaning duties and the muck levels were getting higher and higher.

Finally when the muck was no longer frozen solid, Mike changed the front end of the loader tractor from pallet forks to the bucket and went to work scooping in the barn. It was not the good spring cleaning that was needed. This was an emergency scoop job that just got the barns in good enough condition so the cows had a cleaner area to lay down on fresh wood chips. It was also helpful to get enough of the buildup out of there so that the gates could swing into place without having to manually shovel goop away each time.

Muck in the barn.With the quick clean out, there were a few spots missed.

One cow (no one is claiming responsibility) decided to give her opinion of the rather sloppy house cleaning and left a plop on top of some of the muck that was left near the wall.

Critics always seem to get the final word.

2 thoughts on “Plop On Top

  1. Did you see the Capital Press article about the robotic dairy barn. One of the best features was a robot poop scooper. That would be the ultimate. You probably could even have a “barn cam” to watch it do its job. Ahh, technology

    • A Roomba for the barn? Booomba! I should have thought of that, I could see the cats (maybe on the fabled barn cam) riding back and forth as they perch majestically on the journey across their barn domain.

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