Seeing Green

This week has been glorious with the warmer temps and all but a bit of snow remaining from the piles scooped from along the roadway. Spring is in the air, the mud is drying, grass is growing, things are beginning to come out of dormancy.

Dog covered in manure.The dogs have been having great fun in the sunshine, running in the fields and getting into all sorts of trouble. Jackson especially, wanted to get into the green in a big way.

He had found the freshest, juiciest, greenest manure pile he could and coated himself from tip to tail in green.

Dog shaking off wet manure.Knowing he was in trouble, he quickly headed down to the river to rinse off, he was back within a few minutes soaking wet with manure/water dripping from every spot. It was at this time he decided to shake…

S & K, it’s only been 5 years, would you be interested in taking one of your puppies back?



2 thoughts on “Seeing Green

  1. With that look of ecstasy on his face, that must have been the perfectly unresistable poop pile! Our dog Bailey has had similar instances, but she doesn’t even rinse off and can’t understand why she gets the cold hose treatment afterwards.

    • Just so readers aren’t appalled by the way we treat our pooped pups, rest assured that the cold hose treatment is not torture! The treatment has been used effectively on dogs, kids(neighbors and relations alike) and occasionally adults when, for any reason, poop happens!

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