Back To The Garden

Now that the project of planting seedlings in the woods has been completed, the garden spring pruning is number one on the list.

We were very fortunate to move to a farm 40 some years ago with a well-established orchard of a wide variety of plums/prunes, apples, pears, cherries and nuts. Most of the old trees have survived but some have gone by the wayside.

The trouble is the size of the trees, they are massive and most of them were grafted over60 years ago. Grafts tend not to be as strong as the ancient trees and huge limbs have broken out over the years where the grafts were started. Over the years we have purchased and planted several more varieties of trees and the new trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf strains (much easier to prune). But the old trees are so delicious that we will not take any out unless they break down completely.

We still have two more trees to finish before we are finally done with this task and then I may have to start singing again…

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