Tilling For Early Veggies

Last fall when I wanted to work up the soil around the strawberries I could not get the rototiller running. All winter I fretted over the weeds and buttercups that threaten to strangle the life out of the strawberry plants. Once winter set in there was little I could do with the soil until spring.

This week with the fine 70 degree days and drying soil I was itching to get out there to work up the ground around the strawberries. Mike was able to get the rototiller running again and I was able to get a couple of swaths back and forth in the part of the garden where I like to plant my early vegetables.

Peas sown in garden.I planted a short row of two varieties of peas, one to eat as pods in fresh salads and stir frys and one for the green peas inside the pods. This early sowing is a gamble and the weather may decide otherwise but it would be wonderful to have fresh peas to mix with green onions, lettuce and radishes that are planted in the next two rows.

lettuce packets.I was so intent on getting the peas and salad fixings planting that I ran out of time to work the soil around the strawberries before the weather changed and rain set in.

Oh well, the strawberries waited all winter, another week or two shouldn’t matter all that much.

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