The Fence Is There Somewhere

A barb wire fence washed out from high water and piled under debris.Every year we have to reclaim the fences that inevitably get washed out along the river. The swift current drags debris onto the fence before it breaks from the weight. Once broken, the water carries it downstream and buries posts wire and all beneath soil, rocks and vegetation.

Fence near river buried beneath debris.Wires and posts are followed from the corner of the fence almost 200 feet up near the field and traced along.

The faint line traveling diagonal left to right across the picture is the wire beneath vegetation. Its not the large limbs, logs and debris from upstream, but more soil and grassy vegetation intertwined with small sticks and rocks. The end of the wire, still attached to several t-posts, is downstream in the river.

The fence, or what is left of it is pulled out of the debris and reset wires spliced as best we can. At this stage we can only replace to the river edge since it is still too deep and swift to get across. Once the water recedes to a summer level, the fence will be strung across the expanse and connected to the other half of the fence left on the far side to keep the cattle from leaving the property via the water route.

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