Looking For The Official Signature

The lengthy project of clean up and replanting on the hillside has taken much longer than we anticipated, but with the last of the  seedlings planted the task of closure took us into the house to complete the documentation.

Finishing the mountain of graphs, charts and worksheets,  we turned in all of our paperwork to the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Services) and ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry) who have been assisting with the implementation, resources and professional advice throughout the whole process.

One of our local State Foresters came out to walk the entire hill, noting each section of damage and what we did to repair and reforest each spot.

The Forester called it a ‘mosaic’ landscape since we kept as many trees as possible that were not damaged during the storms two years ago, and filling in every open area with seedlings after cleaning up the debris. Our multi-aged stand will continue even though we are sure to lose a few here and there throughout the heat of the coming summer and the fall storms that roll in. But as of this walk through the forest, the project has gotten the signature of approval that seems a long time coming.


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