Trillium Along The Trail

trilliums along the trailThe blossoms of trilliums are popping up in the woods. They can be found along the edges of tall evergreens, beside trails, poking out alongside rotting habitat logs and sometimes right in the middle of well-trod animal paths.

The trillium comes from a bulb and will regrow in the same vicinity each year because the bulbs do not tend to travel. They are not tough like a daffodil, disturbing the bulbs on a site more likely than not will result in killing the tender plant and bulb, transplanting is usually not recommended because of this.

Trillium is a genus of perennial flowering plants native to temperate regions of North America and Asia. It was formerly treated in the family Trilliaceae or trillium family, a part of the Liliales or lily order….Laws in some jurisdictions may restrict the commercial exploitation of trilliums and prohibit collection without the landowner’s permission.

The trillium can be found in a variety of colors from deep magenta, to perky yellow, to variegated or pastel pink. Here in the Coast Range of the Pacific Northwest we boast the basic white Western Trillium. With all the ranges of green around it in the forest, the white trillium shows vibrant in the spring weather.

Trillium ovatum, the Pacific trillium, western trillium, western wakerobin, or western white trillium, is a member of the Trilliaceae family, or sometimes included within the Liliaceae or Melanthiaceae. It occurs in parts of the western United States and western Canada, usually in rich forest. Wikipedia

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