Pearl and Bailey

It was during the morning feeding that we noticed Pearl, hanging out on the hillside away from the main herd. She wasn’t interested in the hay we were spreading out for the cows. She would stand awhile and sniff at the ground, lay down awhile during contractions, and repeat the process over and over. From the looks of the activity, she was still a long ways off from delivering.

Pearl is one of our more established cows, she was born in 2014. She has produced a bull called  Slate in 2016, a heifer calf in 2017 named Skitter,  and in 2018 a heifer named Dot. She handled each birth by herself without any intervention so we left her to her own timetable while we traveled up the road to the far field to work on fencing.

cow and calfThroughout the day we were able to glimpse her progress through the trees at the river. She remained under a big Douglas Fir on the hillside.

About noontime we saw a little dot on the ground next to her, and shortly the dot was standing up. By the evening feeding, Segway had moved the baby in with the main herd so she could eat a well deserved meal.

Welcome to the farm heifer calf SAF Bailey, born 4/17/2019 weighing 73 lbs.


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