A Whole Lot Of Jumping Going On

Most of the daffodils are done with their vibrant yellows and now the Johnny-Jump Ups are taking over.

The variegated lighter green leaves with the wild explosions of upside down pale yellow flowers brighten up the rock gardens around the house and yard.

These Jump Ups guard the old metal stump burners that we have salvaged from around the farm. The burners were used as air holes giving needed ventilation when burning out old growth stumps in an effort to clean up and area destined to be farm ground. Single roots off the stump could reach more than 50 feet underground. The root systems could burn for years underground before completing the job of nearly eliminating the stump and multi-fingered root system.

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot Of Jumping Going On

  1. That’s what I saw on the ODF grounds last week in the area that usually has camas. Do you know the Latin name? What I call Johnny jump-ups are the yellow woods violets – also blooming early and earning the name.

    • Well now, I’m going to have to do more investigating for when I went online to confirm my description, all I found was the wild pansy connected to the the name.
      Johnny Jump-Ups were what we called them when growing up in the Banks area. Now I am on the quest to find out the real name, I may have to beg help from my readers!

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