Rainstorms Add Texture To Fields

We have been worried about our dry spring weather. We could see the stress on the new seedlings in the forest, the dusty lane around the fields that would normally be swamp messes this time of year, and in the growing hay fields. The grass didn’t look as green as it should and had practically stopped growing. We had concerns that we would have to start mowing a month early to keep from losing the nutrients as the grass dries out.

In a series of storms over the last two weeks we have amassed more than an inch and a half of rain. There are puddles on the lanes, the fields look lush and vigorous. We haven’t yet been able to make it up the steep logging road to see how the trees are doing.

The rains have led to some interesting patterns in the fields. On those days when an intense rain cell was directly overhead, some of the stems would lay over. The fields look like they have been coiffured with waves swirled this way and that.

The styling by nature will only last a few days before the stalks of the grass strengthen and begin again reaching for the sky.

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