#89 Marlo and Phil

Our next hoodwinking pair is Marlo and Phil. Marlo is one of our more senior cows and has had four years of calving before now so knows all the good places to stash a newborn while she meanders for her daily grazing, which is just what she did for three days. We could see that she was supplying milk for a baby but could not find the little one. Marlo would walk us in circles through the woods, through brushy thickets, around the fence line keeping the herd out of the 16 acre field and down the old railroad grade. She refused to show the baby, even when we moved the main herd (sans the three who delivered with her included).

On day number two of re-rounding up the new mother strays, Marlo coaxed Phil across the river where we could let her into the fenced run through the field and into the barnyard where the pair could either find new hiding spots or join the rest of the main herd.

angus cow with newborn calfWelcome to the farm Phil, weighing in at approximately 69 lbs. and believe was born on 5/24/2019.

It is a good thing we have great mother cows who have no problem taking care of a newborn without intervention from humans. The little bull Phil has been fully introduced to the rest of the herd and enjoys curling up in a little pile in the tall grass along with all the other calves.

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