#50 Pente And Boggle

angus cow with newborn calfPente was actually the first of our three escapee mothers to return to the herd even though we believe she was the last one to deliver. The day after we moved the herd, she was waiting at the gate with her new baby by her side as if it was us who had forgotten to include her in the move.

When we opened the gate, Pente and her son calmly moved through the run through the hayfield with Pente stopping to chomp a bit as she walked.

angus cow with newbornWhen we opened the gate to let the pair out where they could join the rest of the herd, Pente and Boggle strode across the way to the hillside where they moved uphill away from all the busyness of the bigger calves and bossy mothers. This pair spent the rest of the day hidden in the tall timber while Boggle and Pente had a little more bonding time.

Cows and calves under tall fir tree.By the next morning Pente and Boggle were right in with the main herd and piled under the shade of a big fir tree while waiting for breakfast.

Welcome to the farm Boggle who we believe was born late in the day on 5/24/2019 and weighed approximately 55 lbs at birth. His sire is Night Prowler.

SPECIAL CORRECTION to this post. A sharp-eyed reader noticed that I accidentally referred to the baby as Phil. This is not Phil, He is Boggle and I think I corrected the errors. And I made this mistake just hours after telling a different reader how clever I am at pairing names of mothers and babies so I can keep the lineage clear in my mind. I suppose my mind has another think…Thank you dear followers for keeping me straightened out!


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