Interest In Breakfast

Sometime during the night, the cows and calves of the main herd decided to cross the river to lounge and nibble in a small field near the county road.

This field just happens to be across the road from the bull pen where we have five yearling bulls that are simply itching to make friends with some females. We heard the snuffling and snorting well before sunrise and knew exactly what was going on before we got out of bed.

calves and dog in field.Electric fences keep everyone separated and away from the log trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and commuter traffic that travel between the two groups of critters.

The calves are all bunched into gangs that usually correlate  with their ages. The youngest three calves typically hang together so the bigger ones don’t pick on them although the spunky ones break the boundaries to practice head butting and chasing.

calves in fieldWe were driving in the Gator on our way over the bridge for the morning feeding with Butler the dog leading the way. We had calves spread around in front of us, beside us and behind us when several of the calves started following the dog.

A field full of calves.The calves were interested in what Butler was up to and were so intent on the dog that they kept us on the Gator waiting for the parade of calves to meander away so we could continue on the road.

Once we were across the river and started feeding, the mother cows began their own conga line across the river for breakfast and the calves followed along over to the hay. It was a beautiful way to start the day.

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