Dogs On The Barbie

Listening to the news the other night, the weather forecaster announced the beginning of the the meteorological summer. Now I am no fool even though I act very foolish sometimes, I know that the summer solstice is not until the June 20 or 21 or 22nd and that the forecaster must have been mistaken.

I did the same thing I always do when I stumble upon something that just doesn’t sound right, I begin investigating. I did the same thing when I heard of a Bomb Cyclone, Arctic Blast, and Lenticular Clouds. Now before I lose all my readers to the great cyber space vortex called the internet, I will fill you in on those terms…

A Bomb Cyclone (bombogenesis) is a storm that has a central area of low pressure that plummets at least 24 millibars in 24 hours. The storm forms over the ocean in warmer water then slams onto colder a colder land mass with intense wind gusts and large amounts of snow.

An Arctic Blast (coined from a movie in 2010) but  also called Polar Vortex, spills frigid air down from the north pole in a distorted circular motion with strong upper-level and even stronger ground-level winds.

Lenticular Clouds are those cute little saucer shaped clouds that form on the top of Mount Hood and are seen on clear days. They sometimes look like the volcano is coming to life while other times look like a jaunty hat on the top of the mountain.

As for the Meteorological Summer that sent me scurrying for the encyclopedia, I found out that the first day of the month where the solstices and equinoxes occur is the meteorological beginning of that period. So the first day of the meteorological summer is June 1st. Meteorological winter is December 1st. Meteorological spring is March 1st and meteorological fall is September 1st.  Put into that mix that we had frost on June 4th and my head spins with what is and what is not really summer at all!

Now many of you may be wondering what all that has to do with hotdogs as my title eluded to. When I look back over the information you just read, I would say ‘very little.” But Jackson the dog has figured out summer long before I did and used the old barbecue grill that  is sitting with the pile destined for metal recycle to do it.

dog sleeping in bbq Instead of dogs on the barbie, he is the dog in the barbie. He opened the door spent June 1st resting inside the cool bbq while the sun warmed the rest of his sleeping area.

I guess I should have asked him about my questions before all the research since he has the simple answers.

One thought on “Dogs On The Barbie

  1. Thanks for the meteorological answers. I heard the same thing about meteorological summer, but waited for you to do the research. So, thanks again.

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