I Needed A Snappy Retort

Friday was a day of bright, sunny, warm spells between micro-bursts of intense rain from building thunderheads. I seemed to be able to get stuck in the middle of most of the two minute showers, get semi-dry when the sun popped back out only to get doused again by another downpour. The main herd of cows had been eating around the far hay field and they appeared content until I noticed #99 over the fence from the rest of the cows, standing in the 6 acre hayfield.

The rain showers did little to settle the dust but it sure made the hip-high grass wet and found out as I walked though it to the gate of the 6 acre field. Once I opened the gate, #99 walked through and headed toward the barn. Surprised only one cow had gotten out, I closed the gate and followed her to the barn where I opened the gates to let her inside. I had no longer had her enclosed when I heard a bellow from the 6 acres, it was another cow out where she did not belong. The whole process of walking through the tall grass, opening and then closing after I got #32 safely through, then the long walk back to the barn to confine her with #99. Once the two cows were in the barn, they started complaining loudly to the rest of the herd which brought them all over to stand by the gate at the run through the large hayfield. Now everyone wanted to change pastures and I was again soaked through as a shower hit me from above and wet grass from below.

I walked out the run from the barn and down to the main herd where I opened the gate. The group meandered up the run to the barn where I could reunite #99 and #32 with their babies and the rest of the cow/calf pairs. With everyone seemingly happy with the pasture move, it was time to go across the road to begin the evening chores at the show barn and in the bull pen.

Gate at county road.The dogs were loaded in the Gator as I pulled up to the gate where our path crosses the county road, it is a good incline and I have to set the parking brake in order for the Gator to not roll backward. The main herd had just so happened to beat me to this gate after moving pastures, I had momma cows and baby cows all thinking that if I opened another gate they would be welcome to walk through. And the dogs are all excited because they know that chore time on the other side of the road is time that is nearer to dinner. Let’s just say there was a lot of commotion going on and I was probably not in the best of moods from my chasing cows and rain soaked clothing.

It just so happened that as I stepped of the Gator to go unlock and open the gate. A red sports car driving on the county road, pulled up and stopped dead center in the middle of my path. I could not open the gate, I could not drive through. The driver flashed me a brilliant smile and pointed toward his phone. I would have expected that he would announce that he was blocking my way and would call the person back, but he didn’t. I waited. I gave the universal signal of ‘what the heck’ with both palms up skyward so he would get the drift of my annoyance, but he didn’t. I waited. With what seemed like hours but I am sure was only a minute, the driver rolled down his passenger window and shouted, “Sorry, I had to make a phone call,” and drove off. He did flash me one more brilliant smile as he pulled out of my way, but I sure could have used a snappy zinger at that moment yet I had no words for that at all.

What would you have said?





2 thoughts on “I Needed A Snappy Retort

  1. I couldn’t think of a snappy retort either, but I think lots more hand gestures would have been in order. I’m not thinking of the one finger wave, but some finger pointing to indicate “move on down the road” or “I’m coming through.”

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