Garden Producing

The garden produced many meals of spring greens, radishes and green onions and delicious rhubarb for pies and cakes over the last month. Now it is starting to produce a greater variety with larger quantities.

The chive plant was about to go to seed so I chopped the whole plant off about 2 inches above ground level, removed all the stems that had begun to develop the beginnings of seed heads, and snipped the rest into tiny pieces. Left overnight in the dehydrator at the lowest settling dried them out nicely and I will have enough chives for recipes throughout the winter.

snow peasThe snow peas are producing well and they are the first row I go to as I meander through the garden. A handful is grabbed several times a day as well as picking for salads and stir-frys. If they ripen quickly, I will freeze or dehydrate some to add to soups and stews during the fall and winter. snow peas on bush and in hand

The mixed leaf lettuce row has exploded and I am giving away bags of the stuff whenever someone stops by. I have been serving platters of salads and lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches and cannot keep up with the fast growing greens.

There are a few strawberries starting to turn pink and we should be enjoying them daily within the next week if we can keep the robins from their assault on the patch. The birds love to dive in as the berry starts to ripen and peck the sweet goodness leaving a pulpy mess hanging from the stem.

With a week of warm weather, the garden should be in full swing shortly.


2 thoughts on “Garden Producing

  1. I picked my first two truly ripe Hood strawberries yesterday, and they were delicious. Only problem was I had to eat around the bird peck holes. I’m putting netting over the row today.

    • I watered the lawn that is behind the house and away from the garden in an attempt to keep the robins busy with the worms that come to the surface rather than dive bombing my berries since I’m too lazy for netting.

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