View From the Tractor

I have to give a super amount of credit to my family who put up with all the goofiness that I add to their lives. Especially when it comes to harvest time. It doesn’t matter if it is in the hayfield, in the woods, out in the garden, in the barns or in the kitchen, my family likes things to run smoothly and methodically. I come in with a loosey-goosey, carefree attitude and demeanor and all those ramrod straight lines become verrrry blurry.

A great example of this was in the hayfield the other day.. The field had already been mowed down by Mike, he will not let me mow for fear that I would mow down every fence post surrounding the field and miss great chunks of tall grass on corners and between rows. He is absolutely right on both counts, I cannot draw or drive a straight line for anything. Once his nice straight lines are laid out for me, I can follow them without too much worry from him or me.

Seeing a field from the tractor seatI happened to have the chance to jump on the tractor the day after his beautiful mowing job so the limp grass could be fluffed up letting airflow and the warmth of the sun dry every stem of grass. I am not usually the one to run the fluffer, it is usually a job that my daughter does much better than me but she was at work away from the farm and a bad fluffer is better than no fluffer at all. Or so many would believe.

See the difference? Nah, me neither. The field on the left of the tractor has yet to be fluffed while the rows on the right of the tractor have not. Maybe. I may have already gone over all these rows and am simply re-fluff-ing rows that have been done during my previous rounds. It is all very confusing.

It may be an issue with depth perception, the fact that I cannot clearly distinguish subtle color differences or my free-spirit, easily distracted personality. But as I look out over the hood of the tractor, I cannot always tell what rows have been fluffed and what rows have been missed. So I overcompensate and spend twice as much time fluffing a field than any other family member.

The family, especially Mike, know I have this issue. Thank goodness they still put up with all of it even though I see them shaking their heads in wonder and go out after I am finished with the field to clean up my mistakes.


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