A Busy Time For Bull Sales

Truck and stock trailer leaving pasture.The bull pen is dramatically down from our original eleven critters we had for sale in early spring. After a slow start, bull sales are picking up for this year.

Last week, two bulls #30 and #32 were delivered to a large cattle ranch in Idaho, and Thursday Mike delivered #33 to a farmer in McMinnville.

Still left for sale are #31, Coffee and #25 Turbo… Hold it, Hold it. I spoke too soon, we just had a call and a farmer from out by Rainier who is showing up today with his trailer ( we always get kind of giddy when a buyer says they is bringing their stock trailer, it is code for being a serious buyer with plans on putting something in the trailer before going home). This farmer believes he wants the older bull, #25 Turbo (this is the one that has been at a neighbor farm doing grass control duty with a few of our other cows). One bull or another,  we will only be down to one bull for sale after today.

Mike is now a believer that all we have to do to sell bulls is to get busy into hay season. Seems like there is a lot of juggling going on to get inquiries answered, bulls loaded and delivered and hay bales made all at the same time.


2 thoughts on “A Busy Time For Bull Sales

    • What a good question! My spare time is filled with an issue I have been struggling with for more than a month now and that is trying to find a topic for a public reading at the Lend an Ear, Come and Hear event coming up at the Plum Hill Winery on Saturday, July 20th. I love to participate in this wildly fun annual event, but my dilemma is narrowing down all the thoughts in my head to a single idea! So I guess you could say my spare time is spent mentally whittling down all the wooden chunks of ideas that bounce around inside as I am bumping over gopher hills and dried hoofy-prints in the hay fields.

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