About Halfway Done

Hay stacked in barnThree barns are needed to store hay and equipment. The hay storage in this barn is beginning to add up with five stacker loads so far. All this undercover area is a prime spot for storage and we have to use it wisely. By the end of hay season this middle section of the barn should hold enough hay to feed the main herd through the winter, the bale wagon, the logging Caterpillar, ten half-cord cribs of firewood, the wood splitter and the Gator.

For now, the good weather held for us to get about halfway completed with our hay season. With threats of several days of showers and rain, we are holding off mowing down any more grass until we have a good stretch of warm, dry weather.

The second half of our hay season needs extra drying time once mowed because these fields are enclosed by trees that line the meandering river. The shade from the trees keep these fields damper than the open fields and they tend to have early morning fog that hangs around longer that the bigger fields. Seems like a good time to take a break from hay for a few days.

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