PegLeg Finally Brings Kittens Out

The mama cat, PegLeg has been keeping her kittens well hidden for several weeks. We knew she was the first to deliver sometime in late March but had not heard or seen any little ones. At first I was worried because PegLeg had disappeared for several days and I thought that a coyote may have gotten her during her long hunting expeditions.

When she finally showed up, she was ravenous, back to her skinny self and was loaded with milk. It was obvious that she had not only delivered but was feeding a brood.

PegLeg and kittensYesterday, we noticed a little fluff ball playing around between a hay bale and a cement wall in the barn. We could only see a vague outline of critter and paws as it scratched and scooted around. It was too dark to tell what it was, how big or even for sure if it was a kitten. This morning we saw that PegLeg had two gray, minx looking,  kittens. Mid-day we saw a little orange fluff ball join the group and by evening we could see yet another orange kitten.

4 kittens with calico motherThe kittens are ravenous and tackle PegLeg every time she is near. Since PegLeg is an avid hunter, there is no doubt that she will soon have these little ones out on expedition with her on her quest to control the mice and rats.


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