Heavy Rain Day

Critters have their own way of dealing with weather. Thunderstorms with bouts of heavy rain brought the two remaining bulls  from the bull pen, out of the comfort of the barn, and out under the big leaf maple tree.

bull standing under a big leaf maple treeThe two bulls were not so worried about the showers as they were waiting for the leaves to grow heavy with rain so they drooped low enough to snag a tasty morsel.

Bull #35 figured out the plan first. As the rain came down, he stood near the electric fence with his backside toward the trunk of the maple tree. He stood in one place for about 20 minutes, but I could tell he was thinking about his snack because he was licking his chops and swinging his tail the whole time.

bull reaching up into big leaf maple tree to eatThe rain continued, the leaves and entire branches got heavier and heavier with moisture and began to sag.

As the branches got lower, he was able to stretch up, curl his tongue around a few leaves at a time and give a good yank. He would get only a mouthful at a time while getting a cool and refreshing shower. The dampness didn’t deter him from enjoying the wet and tasty maple leaves. The other bull joined him when he realized he was missing a tasty treat.

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