Waiting For The Sounds

Chainsaws are loud even with earplugs to temper the noise. The dogs use the sound of the chainsaw to keep track of us humans while we work. If the saw is running, they are off exploring, chasing pesky squirrels or splashing in the river. Once the saw is shut off, the dogs make a bee-line for the source of the quiet to make sure we are still intending to work. Today, Butler was the one on duty with me while I worked.

White and black dog sitting in front of logs being cut for firewood.On this warm afternoon the dog was gone off on his own adventures while I was cutting firewood from the log deck. I had just run the saw out of fuel and took a moment to sit on a log for a breather.

Butler wasted no time in plopping himself right in front of me to inspect the reason for the sudden disruption in the sound.

Without a word he surveyed the scene assuring all was well and patiently waited for me to decide if I was going to fill the saw with gas or if I was going to put the equipment away for the day. Today, after a little break, I found that I indeed did have enough energy for another tank of fuel (run time about 30 minutes) and cut enough firewood for a full Gator load of 16 inch long pieces.

Butler promptly took off and disappeared until I ran out of gas for the second time. The scenario played out as before when he came back to check on me. This time however I did not have enough ooomph left to saw any more, or split the cut wood, or to load it into the Gator. Butler walked with me to stow the saw away and make my way back to the house. Both of us were tuckered out and looked forward to another day with me at the log deck and him on patrol.

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