Back To Rotary Mowing

Tractor with a rotary mower in a pasture.Now the the hay equipment is put away for the season and the small tractor has been freed up for other duties, the rotary mower has been put replaced on the back end of the tractor.

The mower will be used in the smaller pastures and around the hayfields that have gone mostly to dog fennel, dandelions, Canadian thistles, bull thistles and other assorted weeds. Mowing these smaller fields will eliminate the overgrowth of the unwanted plants and allow for grass to again take over if we get a little moisture before the weeds rebound.

This task will be one of those, when-I-get-around-to-it kind of jobs and will be done in small time increments around more important things.

2 thoughts on “Back To Rotary Mowing

  1. Oh boy! More “tractor time.” Now you will have more time to solve the world’s problems as you track around and around.

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