Given A Morning Off

Firewood orders were light this week following the holiday so we had the day off from delivering wood to stores. Finding myself with a morning off does not happen very often so as soon as I had my morning chores done, I loaded the car with containers and headed off to a local, organic, u-pick farm for blueberries. The few bushes that I have in my garden seem destined to be little more than bird feed to the hordes of feast-ers as they swarm the bushes before they even get close to being ripe.

not quite ripe blueberries

Not quite berries of the larger variety

At the patch, I found that I was a couple of weeks early for the larger variety of blueberries, so I have already made plans for a return trip to this field. I love the larger berries for pies, cobblers and fresh eating.

The field that was ripe is called Duke variety and they are about half the size and perfect for pancakes, muffins, scones and of course fresh eating. I was able to make myself content with the currently ripe field and found that I was able to get all my containers full in about 2 hours.

lots of containers of blueberriesAs I cleaned and dried the berries, I spread them one layer deep on cookie sheets to be placed in the freezer. Once they are frozen solid the berries are placed into freezer bags where they will remain individually frozen. This will make it easy to take out only the amount wanted at any given time with the rest going back into the freezer for storage. We all love eating a handful or two of frozen berries as a snack and preserving this way keeps them from freezing into a solid block.

drying trays filled with blueberriesI was able to get 10 quarts of berries frozen before it was time to move onto other ways of preserving.

Next I moved onto drying a few of the berries. I like to add dehydrated berries to the mix of dried fruit I make into my ’emergency fruit packs’ that I carry everywhere. A few blueberries mixed in with the strawberries, pears, apples, peaches, and prunes adds a new dimension to the snack. I dried two trays full of berries.

sconesThen I turned to baking and made some super yummy scones for breakfast. I put a few extra berries on top besides the ones in the batter. If you want this recipe it can be found at, averiecooks.  I did not bother to glaze the scones and they were delicious just the way they were. The rest of the berries will be eaten fresh while we wait for the next patch to ripen.


2 thoughts on “Given A Morning Off

  1. I do the same individual freeze for raspberries, too. They are Annabell’s favorite all winter for a snack. When I asked her if she wanted to check out the raspberry patch the other day, she asked if I had any “cold” ones.

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