Following The Dozer

We had a couple of days with a little rain, but now the skid roads have dried off enough to make the steep climb up into the forest. Mike went first with the bulldozer with the dogs anxious to work and I followed along with the Gator loaded  a couple of saws, the falling axe and wedges.

Following a bulldozer on a logging roadBy installing the road last year, we have better and easier access to areas of the forest where only the dozer could go before. Across the top of the hill is sweeping criss-cross patterns of roads that are wide, clear of limbs and easy to drive.

We have a small patch on the other side of this hill that has some trees that are in need of cleaning up.

Looking up to the treetops in the forest There are several smaller trees that have defects that will be cut for eventual firewood bundles and one larger tree that is big enough to make logs that has a broken top.

When in the woods we spend a lot of time looking up to check the crown of the trees, to determine how thick the canopy is, and to find those that have perished and no longer have a live top. We are also looking for broken limbs or tops that can come crashing down as we are working below.

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