A Little More Each Day

Fresh dug beets from the gardenBeets are big enough to start harvesting. They are one of our favorite vegetables. We cook them and top them with a bit of butter or sour cream or sometimes both. We eat lots of grated raw beets made into  a salad. I even like to eat them cooked and cooled for breakfast. Most of the beets are already good sized but we have been finding that several of the tops are trying to grow seed heads instead of putting their energy into growing the root bases. Daily pulling of the ones trying to go to seed will be needed to keep the whole row from trying to do the same thing.

a bowl of bright cherry tomatoesThe cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen and should continue producing until the frost wipes out the plants in the fall. These beauties came from the seeds I saved from tomatoes harvested last year out of an original package of seed I purchased from a company out of Felton, California called Renee’s Garden .

The packet contained Tricolor Cherry Tomatoes called Garden Candy and I have found the red and orange ones to be the most prolific with all of them providing very sweet bite fulls of delicious fruit.

The lettuce rows are so far ahead of what we can eat and give away that I cut quite a bit down and filled a wheelbarrow to give to the cows with plenty still left to eat while the rows are regrowing. Beans, zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers should start producing in the next week. And I have noticed that during the time I took off for hay season gave the pig weeds a solid foothold and are trying to take over the entire garden plot.


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