Where There Is A Will

A tree was cut down last year along the skid road Mike was building. The stump had criss-cross notches sawed into it. The deep scars are made to weaken the stump allowing the bulldozer to bust off pieces until the remaining stump is small enough to remove from the ground. This stump was in a spot where we had planned the roadway, when the time came to widen the skid road into one wide enough to accommodate a loaded log truck and the wide tracks of the feller-buncher.

A stump of a Douglas Fir treeThe road was widened but on the other side of the road from this one particular stump. So here it sits, the funny looking, hacked up and forgotten stump is left on its own to witness the comings and goings on this woodland street corner. It seemed a bit forlorn, until I noticed a spot of green.

seedling growing on stumpInside one of the criss-cross grooves grows a one inch Douglas Fir. A single seed had managed to lodge itself in one of the grooves and find purchase there. Without soil, the tender seedling landed in a gap that holds enough needles and spent detritus from the neighboring trees to have found a spot to germinate. The man made trough holds a pin head sized drop of water safely in reach of the tender roots. The tall firs around the stump keep the new growth in pleasant filtered sunlight throughout the day keeping the area a moderate temperature.

It will be interesting to watch this little seedling to see if it can make it through another season. I named him Will.



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