If Only We Looked East First

We had a little fence fixing to do before we are planning to move the cows from the far, far field back to this side of the river. A little over an hour, a few t-posts, a dozen wire clips and several scratches from barb wire was all it took to reinforce a couple of spots where the cows have been reaching over, around and through the established fence line.

Once that task was completed, we had just enough time to take the Gator up the hill to check our seedlings before the sun set for the day. The evening was pleasant, the dogs were having a great time and the baby trees seemed to be undisturbed. That is when we started seeing elk tracks in the road. They had been scrimmaging and scuffling around in the dirt, it looked like they were having a regular, home style, hoe-down. From what we could tell the tracks were not very old because we had a heavy dew that morning and these had to have been left after that moisture.

We spent a good hour and a half running the Gator around the skid roads trying to catch up and chase away the elk. Mike was cat-calling and whistling while I was tooting on my Bobbi whistle. The dogs were scampering around trying to find what we were making all the noise about, but we were not able to catch up the critters.

Elk in the field as the sun is settingIt wasn’t until we were off the hill, back over the bridge and in the driveway when we saw a herd of about 20 elk behind the house.

They just look like dots at the base of the hill so you are going to have to trust me on this one, but the picture was so pretty I did not want to zoom in just so you could see an elk without the lovely setting sun illuminating the hillside.


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