A New Late Addition

The three heifers and the more senior cow, Topanga, have been effectively keeping the neighbors grass trimmed during the summer. On a typical year, the grass would have all dried up by now and we would have moved the traveling herd home. But with these series of small storms, we have had enough moisture to keep the grass growing so the four critters are quite content to continue with their work.

We knew Topanga was pregnant and alerted the neighbor to be aware that she may deliver in the next week. Without any intervention or anyone around to witness the birth, Topanga let her instincts take care of matters. Then she went back to her job at manicuring the pastures.

Small herd of cows with a calf nursing.Welcome to the herd, Donna, born 8/17/2019. The neighbor knows it was that day because they heard Topanga in the final push during birth let out a tremendous bellow right about 4 am.

Donna weighs in at 72 lbs. and was sired by KC Night Prowler.

Topanga, Donna and the three heifers will be moved home in the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “A New Late Addition

  1. Hooray for Topanga! She reminds me of the woman in Pearl Buck’s “The Good Earth” who was hoeing her row, took a few minutes to come inside to give birth and then returned to hoeing her row.

  2. I’m so proud of Mike. Since I have yet to be able to stop to see the little one, I asked him to take a picture for the website. He does not do cameras, ever, or hadn’t until I forced him. I thought it turned out beautifully.

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