What The Heck Happened

I don’t know if it is because of the unusual amount of humidity we have experienced this summer, or the cooler than average hottest temperatures or if someone has been feeding my garden a super supplement but my beets have seriously gotten out of control.

three extra large beets next to my bootI have been giving away beets to every person who stops by the farm. I have gifted the vet, the mail carrier, and even some dude going by on his bicycle. I take bunches of them to town with me when I do errands and I still have a long row growing in size daily.

large beets on platesFriends and family are getting shares of the vegetable tucked into bags and boxes filled with other late summer garden bounty.

The beets are so big they look more like sugar beets than eating beets. I can assure you that they are the regular old eating beet seed that I bought at the local Bi-Mart in the early spring. I wish I would have kept the empty package to notify the seed company, but I didn’t think the beets would become monsters.

 a 2 quart sauce pan filled with diced beetsWhen I walked into the house with these beauties, Marilyn exclaimed that they were nearly as big as basketballs. I said she was exaggerating, they were only as big as a baby’s head. She told me that was disgusting, but now instead of calling it a beet, she prefers the term baby heads. Like, hey are we eating baby heads tonight? or don’t forget to eat your share of baby heads. The joke has seriously gone on too long but I guess that it is to be expected when one beet fills a 2 quart saucepan!

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