Vivid To Bare

Fall seemed to only last a week this year in the Pacific Northwest.

Oh, I’m sure that we will still have some pleasant temps and a few sunny days, but the vibrant hues of the trees as the leaves turned from greens to wild splashes of color was only in full display a short while.

Storms that came in from the ocean sent wind and rain driving sideways at times. They lashed at the vegetation and ripped the tender stems of the leaves right off the trees that are drifting into slumber in preparation for the cold ahead.

Even the alder trees at the rivers edge lost their leaves so quickly that the normal fall of leaves gently floating into the water to steep and turn the water darker than tea didn’t happen. The river rose, swept the leaves away just as fast as they dropped and now the river is receding without a trace of dark stain. It does make it easier to watch the salmon that are coming upstream to spawn. Whereas in most years, we only catch a glimpse of a top fin as they struggle to continue upstream at the crossings or hear a splash now and again. This year we can see the salmon even in the deeper pools and also as we walk across the bridge.

Susan’s note: This site is nearly out of data space, at last check less than .08%  is left even after deleting and downsizing. I will continue to post on this page as long as I can before I am blocked completely. If you would like to see the whole story including pictures, please visit the new farm blog at or simply click this link. The follow button is now working on the new site, even if you signed up before, the connection did not go through due to some very technical keystrokes that I failed to execute. By trying the follow button now, you will be prompted to insert your email address and will get an email to attest that you are indeed a human. If you see the words ‘Cowpies to Treetops’ below the heading of Schmidlin Angus Farms, you know that you are connected. Thank you for hanging in with me on this journey of switching.


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