Exciting Launch For A Small Town

Last night the city of Vernonia, and the Public Library in particular. were inundated with very happy and excited authors and readers. All the hoopla was focused around the book launch of Voices From The Mill Pond (this is the same book that I have been mentioning has been available through Amazon for the last two weeks).

To say the least, the Library was packed with those excited to get the books into their own hands. Copies were being purchased as fast as they could unpack them out of their boxes. The book turned out to be a beautiful collaboration from writers of prose, poetry, and artwork with some absolutely stunning photographs.

Voices From The Mill Pond came about from a special group of dedicated Vernonia townsfolk and neighbors, with the President and writer D. Wallace Peach. The group is called Hands On Art, a non-profit, volunteer organization that was formed in 1997 after a devastating flood hit the town. Hundreds of families were dislocated, homes were buried under sludge and silt, the Grade and High schools were damaged where the rivers ran through them and had to be torn down.

Hands On Art was originally designed to help children process the trauma through creative expression. The group joined with The Vernonia Voice (our local newspaper) and expanded to include a celebration of arts and heritage for the entire community, thus  was born a collaboration book to showcase the talents of the area.

copies of the book Voices From The Mill PondI am so delighted and honored to know so many of the people who added their talents to this make this book come to life. And I would highly recommend the purchase to anyone for a glimpse into the small town of Vernonia, a community that has had great successes and devastating losses. A town that pulls together through the tough times and honors the stories, poems, histories, photos and memories of a small but mighty dot on a map. I got my copies!

An easy link to purchase Voices From The Mill Pond can be found at SchmidlinAngusFarms.com. Please consider using the affiliate links from the new site to do your cyber shopping, the small commissions that I make from your purchases are no charge to you and I can continue to share the farm stories with the support. As always Prime and special codes work with the link and you do not have to purchase any item that I promote. Thank you for supporting the farm stories



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